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Rashaod Crosson

DC Native and State to State mentor, Rashaod Crosson is the true definition of "Started from the bottom now we are here". Growing up in the projects of SW, Washington D.C. Rashaod was exposed to drugs, poverty, and the struggle at a very young age. However, Rashaod used his environment and upbringing as motivation to be successful.

At just 5 years old, Rashaod understood that, you are not defined by your current situation, but you are the author of your own success story. With his creative mind and love of money, he decided to start cutting grass to make money, so he could afford to buy the things he wanted. At that age, he used his money for candy and other goodies. That grind helped him develop the entrepreneurial mindset, where he never wanted to work for anyone else a day in his life. He wanted to be his own boss, so he could make and spend his money when and however he wanted to.

With that entrepreneurial mindset, Rashaod finished his school years at the top of his class while working a full-time job. While other kids would laugh at him for skipping out on hanging on the block, Rashaod didn't let that distract him. He continued grinding and saving his money to help him achieve his future goals.

After graduating from high school, Rashaod joined the Army, where he received his Bachelors and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Shortly after receiving his degrees, Rashaod medically retired from the Army after 6 years.

Rashaod returned to his hometown Washington, D.C. where he got a little side tracked and started selling drugs. Although the money coming in was at an all-time high, Rashaod knew it was more to life than worrying if he'd be killed or become a victim of police brutality. He quickly reevaluated himself and decided that he could still achieve his goal of being an entrepreneur if he made a change at that moment. So, Rashaod decided to get out of the game.

Once he got out of the game, he decided to buy a boat and utilize it for bonding time with his two kids. While out on the water one day, a light bulb clicked to rent his boat out to make a profit. From that one thought, he executed and never turned back. Now, Rashaod has the biggest fleet in the DMV area and is known all over the city for his boat rental services.

Rashaod didn't just stop there! In September 2020, he was involved in a near fatal car crash where he was not able to physically run his business. Rashaod was confined to his bed for months, but with that entrepreneurial mindset he decided to create a course where he teaches other people from A-Z how to get into the Boat Rental Industry where they can make 6-7 figures in just 6 months.

Now known as "Da Boat Goat" he travels state to state teaching and mentoring others about passive income and the ins and outs of the boat rental industry. From his journey, he lives by the phrase," You can let life break you, or you can create a journey that will allow you to break the bank the legal way."