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Oscar Garcia

Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Uulala

For the past 20 years as an entrepreneur, Oscar Garcia has built companies, and accelerated the growth of small businesses. As the CEO of Uulala; a financial technology company focused on bringing millions of unbanked users into the formal economy, Oscar’s passion for social impact will be global.

Mr. Garcia has over 20 years in technology and web development as well as a background in public speaking with AT&T as their corporate social media trainer. Mr. Garcia has shared the stage with high-powered individuals like presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox.

As CEO of Uulala, he has assembled an amazing team of diverse executives many of whom are of Latino descent, secured financial services and distribution partnerships all while raising millions from crowdfunding. In April 2018, Uulala began boarding customers for their Spanish and English financial services platform and mobile app; a sophisticated technology platform to empower millions of users and small businesses. Mr. Garcia is driven by an insatiable desire to solve important problems through technology. Uulala, with its blockchain technology, is the future of banking.